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Experiences. They define us, shape our view of the world, and reframe our perspectives. Now, Welk Resorts brings you a new way to broaden your vacation horizons with Experiences by Welk™. This new program will redefine how and where you travel, with savings at every turn. The first step of this journey begins today.

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From hotel rooms and cruises to car rentals, airfare and activities, there are thousands of new ways to experience and benefit from your Welk Ownership. Enjoy one full year of premium offerings and exclusive pricing at

What is Experiences by Welk?

Exotic Destinations

Select from over 400,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, from brands that you trust, priced exclusively for you. So go, invent your itinerary, explore, expand, experience!

Urban Getaways

Now is the time to discover cities that you've been longing to explore. At Experiences by Welk, you'll find hotel rooms to fit every traveler's preference, at savings you simply can't pass up.

World Cruises

Travel in style aboard some of the finest cruise lines. Venturing to exotic locations with hundreds of destinations to choose from.


Thousands of activities and excursions - both indoors or out - entice you to explore your destinations in bold, new ways.

Car Rental

With 8,000 nationwide locations, renting a car is a breeze. Experiences by Welk allows you to preview the full range of exclusive fares from all of the major providers.

Air Travel

Jetting off with friends to your next adventure just got easier. More cities, more routes, more Experiences by Welk to be had!

What are Credits? | How To Use Credits

What Are Welk Credits?

Much like a credit card rewards program, you'll earn Welk Reward Credits for every dollar spent on the Experiences by Welk Platform. Welk Reward Credits can then be applied towards any offerings available on the Experiences by Welk Platform. So not only do you get great deals on travel, hotels, car rental and activities, but you can apply earned credits to reduce your out-of-pocket expense even further! You'll see your accumulated Welk Reward Credits when you log in to your Owner's Lounge account.

How To Use Credits

Log onto Experiences by Welk through the Owner's Lounge. Select the travel experience or service you'd like to purchase. At checkout, you'll see a prompt to apply your Welk Reward Credits, as well as the available discount. Please note that not all of your Welk Reward Credits may be available for any given purchase. Enjoy your travel savings!

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